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What about it?
What kind of ramp for you?
How to order it?
How much?


WHAT is a RAMP? 
A bass ramp is a piece of wood  (or of whatsoever material) shaped to fit under the strings in the plucking area.

WHO invented it? WHO uses it?
Gary Willis invented it.
A lot of bass pro-players use it, as Alfredo Paixao, Mattew Garrison, Richard Bona , Dominique di Piazza to name a few...

WHEN is it needed?
A ramp is needed when you are searching for a plucking style with a consistent attack and a fast finger position recovery.

WHERE could it be placed?
The ramp(s) can be placed inbetween the pickups or along the whole space between the neck heel and the bridge.

WHY should you get one?
The ramp allows for a more relaxed and controlled playing style, expecially when using two or more fingers plucking.
Your tone (well, the tone of your bass) will benefit of a more consistent attack due to the constant distance of the fingers from the surface under the strings.

The Right RAMP for YOU!
First of all you have to determine your needs:
1) the position and number of the ramps (just one between the pickups, another one between the end of the neck and the neck pickup...)
2) the height of the ramp above the top of the instrument according to the distance from the strings (usually the strings should be at the same distance as from the pickups), leaving enough space for the string to vibrate freely when playing highest notes on the neck
3) the ramp material (usually wood)
4) the ramp colour, ranging from black to natural wood colour finished with oils, poly, truoil.... and transparencies inbetween
5) embellishment as inlays and engravings (yes I can do it)

To obtain a quote and then ORDER it you have to:
1) provide to me information about your bass make and model
2) measure the distance between the pickups and their width (i.e. the space where the ramp will be placed)
3) the radius of the fingerboard
4) the distance between the strings and the top surface of the instrument
5) other amenities as the colour and the inlays and so on

With those information I'll provide you with a detailed quote and waiting time for the build.

A simple radiused ramp inbetween soapbars pickups, in natural wood (oak with truoil finish) is 45 euros + shipping
A standard JB natural wood (OAK with truoil finish, like the yellow one above BUT not coloured) ramp price is 60 euros + shipping
For full black color add 5 euros
For colouring with anyline dyes add 15 euros
Custom features such special woods, inlays and finishes are to be quoted upon request

For every need do not esitate, just contact me!