the Chicken Bass Marinucci Guitars

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Based on my daughter's design, a Chicken bass features some common basic options that represent the evolution of the bass guitar in the last 60 years.

Offset contour body - the lower offset has been centered on the right leg according to a medium sized player, moving it  versus the bridge to allow a better sit down playing position

Slanted peghead
- increased string tension over the nut and give better sustain

Neck volute
- to augment sustain and neck / peghead junction stiffness

Bone nut
- great tone on free strings

Two-way twin rod
- best correction and stability

String through & top loading bridge
- choose your sustain

Perfect balance
- best playing position, always

Vintage steel frets
- better intonation and longest frets life

Fluorescent side dots
- visibility on dark stages

18 volts active circuitry
- more headroom and presence
And some just aesthetic features:
Headstock veneer matching the body wood
Wooden knobs matching the headstock veneer
Wooden control cavity cover