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The Buddy Bass is born thanks to the collaboration with the musician Alfredo Paixao, a real innovator in 6 strings bass playing and moreover a global inspirator friend (yes I'm lucky!).

We first met at the local instrument dealer, both searching for a light, portable but soundfull and playable bass... that's the result!

Light weight - 6 strings "Paixao model" stays at 3.5 kg (7.7 pounds) thus maintaining instrument playability in your hands

Great sound - it's a real wood instrument, with a real wood body and a real wood neck, handcrafted, that's all.

Reduced lenght - the 35" 6 strings "Paixao model" with it's 103 cm lenght (40.5 inches) fits into a Stxxxxxrger gig bag (fly it with you as a hand baggage!)

One piece Wood Body - hand selected naturally seasoned wood

Long heel - better link with the body

Little head - little head with the same tuners-capo strings degrees as a slanted headstock

Zero Fret - great tone and fast setup

Two-way twin rod - best correction and stability

Neck reinforcement - 2 carbon fiber 6 mm sticks!

String through & top loading bridge / single bridges - choose your tone and sustain

Perfect balance
- best playing position, always

Jumbo Frets
- long frets life (start playing it and you'll never let it down!)

Wooden control cavity cover
- no screws, yes we can.

Security locks - in case...

Buddy Bass 4 available
Buddy Bass 5 available
Buddy Bass 6
"Alfredo Paixao" model