The Strat with the Corian HatMarinucci Guitars

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I just wanted to check if a corian fretboard could add stability and stiffness to a neck... yes it does, so I wandered if a corian top could add  resonance and fullness to a chambered alder body... yes it does!

Started with the usual strat neck, a double 2 way trussrod, ramin wood this time!

Cut the fretboard from a 7 mm corian slab and glued it to the neck after sawing the fret slots

Drilled the fretboard dots for the aluminium dots I prepared then glued them in; side dots are made with a brass stick inset in an aluminium tube.

Hand sand with block the 12" radius of the fretboard, from 80 grits to 400 grits!

it worked! time to consider the body... start with the corian slab.

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